Along side performing I have always sought to make work and to research the practice of choreography and composition. I create solo work and projects in collaboration with Costume Designer and Dance Artist Elizabeth Barker. My first solo work in 2019 was "Of Gestures and Other Utterances' and marks a shift towards research driven making and came out of a year long residency at Clarence Mews. My interests at the moment are around how the material and somatic body feed dancing, how composition and craftsmanship inform the making of dance and how the solo body can expand and relate to the social body and wider societal themes. Above all I am interested in creating work which has an empathy and a humanity to it.

 In collaboration with Elizabeth Barker we create work focusing on the interrelation of movement, theatre, design and sound. Together we have created four works: Dancing Tales performed in London, Helsinki and Budapest, A Curious Cakewalk commissioned by Greenwich Dance, Trinity Laban and The Horniman Museum, The Imaginarium of Alice for The Southbank Centre's Imagine Festival and To the Ends of the Fingertips, a film for Channel 4  Random Acts and Big Dance 2016. I also work as an assistant choreographer and have made work in community settings, in schools, for an integrated theatre company and for youth dance companies.


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